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26 November 2011 @ 08:05 pm
Good news, for me I guess, ahaha. I guess the flood is not coming my way after all. Can't say for sure 100% but more than 80% since the majority of flood started going down days ago and they were still two areas away from my area. So whew, lucky, don't wanna get my books and doujins wet =="

Okay, this may be a bit too late for Hibari's BD, but I just felt like translating this one ^^

So here goes:

Note: Doujin read from left to right.

1/ Hi: I've been waiting for this.
Tsu: Right…

2/ Hi: You're not holding back like you always do, great.
Tsu: Todays' your birthday, I'll do it as you wish.
Hi: Yeah?
(Tsu: Hibari-san, do you wish for anything for your bd this year?
Hi: Yes, I wish…)

3/ (Hi: I want to fight you with your all out…and bite you to death with my own hands.)

4/ Tsu: Are you satisfied now?
Hi: Yes. Just as I expected from a person I've been waiting for 10 years to fight.
Tsu: I'm glad.

5/ Tsu: Happy Birthday, Hibari-san
Hi: Hmmm.
Tsu: I like you, Hibari-san
Hi: I like you too.

6/ Hi: Because I like you most…and I wanted to bite you to death most.
Having taken your life by my hands must be the greatest pleasure of all.

7/ Hi: …what is this aching pain in my chest?
*Hibari Kyoya, a man who never knew love, when knew it, it was too late*

At first it was written 7 pages for Hibari's BD, then I thought I could make a published doujin out of this so I added a few pages with intro as to why Tsuna wants to die and how about Hibari after Tsuna dies.

Summarized Intro:
Tsu: the world's full of Chaos, I just want to end it all. I'm so tired of this life.
Hibari: If you want to die that much, then I'll kill you, for you.
Cover with some added pages:

After that:
Hi: This world no longer has a sky.

This doujin was one of the most fun to write. And one of the very few that I could pull out a different reaction from readers. I should have warned my fellow readers that there is character death, but that would only beat the effect. And I wasn't expecting people to be so sad about it when I first posted it. Most people of course said *sad* and *shocked* some said they cried, which I'd never knew if it was literally or figuratively. Some readers were even complaining of how could I do such a thing to them, which made me laugh and felt a little guilt there at the same time. Yet I was a little stunned to a few comments who as far as I know, have some struggle in life and could be depressed at times (aren't we all?) that I made them depressed. I was hit by more guilt over there and had to come up with something to apologize to them a bit.


And here are the so called-apologizers:


Read more...Collapse )

For Kingdom Hearts Doujin, if you're interest, I already had one here: http://bonbonpich.livejournal.com
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05 November 2011 @ 02:54 pm

This time first half I started of as fanfic, then I swerved to doujin later on a whim. My bad for such thing, but here it goes:

Fanfic is  summarized from Thai fanfic, thai sub under images when it comes to Doujin part.

@ Vongola mansion

Reborn walked in on Tsuna and Kyoko
Read more...Collapse )

oh, before i go, i start posting entry about Kingdom Hearts in my other account here: http://bonbonpich.livejournal.com

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29 October 2011 @ 08:24 pm
This doujin came from a dream I had where I was Tsuna (haha, so not likely in real life) and having Gokudera so close. Man, I really love him, so passionate (about taking care of Tsuna! Not in Yaoi way ><) and all. When I woke up, the warm fuzzy feelings lingered and I couldn't help but grab a pencil and drew this out.

Eng Sub under images
Read from left to right.


1/ ???: we'll end our meeting here.
Gok: How are you holding up, 10th? You still got a fever.
Tsu: I'm fine. This is the last meeting (of this month) too, so it's all good.
Gok: In the meeting, 10th always tried holding back those delinquents that want to use their power in the wrong way. He also has to deal with them looking down on him because of 10th's delicate look. (How I want to bomb those bastards!). 10th…he must be so tired.

2/ Gok: Here's some med, 10th.
Tsu: Thanks.
Gok: In matter of seconds, you'll be all sleepy. Would you like to sleep until we reach the mansion?
Tsu: Well, I was dozing off since the meeting.
Gok: Okay, I'll prepare the pillow and blanket for you (shuffle, shuffle)
Tsu: It's okay, Gokudera-kun. (tap the space besides him) Come sit beside me.
Gok: What?
Tsu: Come on, now.
*BTW: they're in Limo, that's why the huge space ^^

3/ Gok: 10th!?
Tsu: Let me stay like this. I like your shoulder more than the pillow.
Gok: Well, If 10th wants it this way…
Tsu: (chuckle) Gokudera-kun always follows my wish.

4/ Gok: (Er…10th had said before that I don't have to do things to please him, but…)
Tsu: When I'm with you, it's always the warmth and security that I feel. I don't have to be scared whatsoever that you'd leave. I can be so confident that you'll always be beside be no matter what.
Tsu (in the past event): Gokudera-kun, I have to tell you this. That day, I was meant to stop every sparks of fire on your dynamites. It wasn't like I saved you on purpose. So please stop risking yourself for me. Stop thinking that you owe me the life.
Gok: I think I've already known about that.

5/ Gok: But….
Tsu: We're going to see the fireworks together! If you died, then what's the point of all these!?
Tsu: I'm so glad you decided to come back. (btw*when fighting with Bel)
Gok: I've decided. No matter you go, I'll always follow.

6/ Gok: (Even though 10th got that damn Hibari!...grr, I shouldn't think of him to ruin this good mood)
Tsu: you're so different from Hibari-san.
Gok: (ah? Thinking about the same person?)
Tsu: Hibari-san always do things as he pleased. If he wants to go somewhere, he'd do so without a care in the world, not even with me. Sometimes I'm scared, I never knew when he'd left me (even knowing it's for temporary)

7/ Gok: Don't worry, 10th. When that damn Hibari is not around, I'll stay instead. You can always come to me when you're lonely.
Tsu: Yeah. (I know, my right hand man I can't do without you.)

8/ Gok: (Hibari! You don't have to come back so quick!)

Then the Lollipop head! I'm too lazy to translate. But I think the picture could tell you a story, I guess.
well, mebbe a little explanation. Gok is worried about Tsuna sleeping on the desk so he bought a sofa, but look who's taking the sofa.

Next day...


Oh, and before I go, Happy Halloween!
Here's some 1827 for you.

This is done for last year, haven't had a chance to upload it here.
I left it blank so anyone can fill in the blank.
The funniest I got from Thai fellows are: "Which part of you should i start eating?" and "I'm going to have my way with you 4 times in Halloween XD"

For this year, I did KH, Sora.
I'll post it later in anohter LJ under the name of 'bonbonpich'
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23 October 2011 @ 02:02 pm

Heya ^[]^ so…as expected, I've seen to have lost many readers. Anyhow, I had expected this since I no longer have any passion for KHR. For me it was a little difficult at first to deal with this lost of attention after having one that I hadn't even anticipated, yup, super embarrassing but true! With nothing much in life, sometimes I seem to cling too much on Doujinshi 'cos that's one of a very few things I believe, makes me worth enough. Then again, this is just another phase I have to go through to get readers back again. Do I sound like I'm whining? Oh well, you know this is the only place where my closed ones won't come looking around, thus the vent.
But of course, big thanks to people who still stick around. Means a lot to me more than you know!
I'm in such a weird mood nowadays. PMS, maybe. And then the flood! Yup, as of now my house is fine, never know what will happen soon though. Everyday the news and the people in my house just freak out from time to time, including me, feh. I was just beginning to work on my port folio in another attempt to apply for TAFE. If the flood comes, I won't be able to do much without electricity and all. Which sucks ==" damn, made me hate this place even more than I already did.
And I still have time to update this? Haha, weird mood, certainly. Back there I always get discouraged whenever I got few readers. This time, I'm not, which is good. I want to update here more often anyways. Not just doujin, but everything else that I wanna write about. Just like how everyone else did. Long or short, just write whatever, maybe that way I'd have less pent up feelings and becomes less pissy like I've been these days.
Alright, this time, it'll be short. If a better about the flood arrive, I'll update some longer 1827 doujins.

Intended for 27R, but some have seen it as R27, oh well ^^
Read from left to right, eng sub under images.
Such a heavy smoker, you'll get cancer some day.

Reborn: Approaching me without my knowing, you've gotten much better, dame-Tsuna. (turns) well, what?
Tsu: Thanks, Reborn, for everything.   (if you hadn't come to me on that day, I'd still be a sucker without nothing to live for.)

Sfx: click (not sure if this one is for gun click??)
Reborn: don't act all cheesy.
Tsu: You shy?
Reborn: I'm going to shoot! ("the student that had grown this much after years of training…of course his teacher would be proud of him). You'll welcome, I guess. I had my fun too.


Tsu: Of course you've always have your fun.
Hi: You know, I'm your teacher too.
Tsu: Yes, yes, (what do you want this time?)

Followings are pictures i've taken for a while in Palio at Khao Yai, one of the attraction that was built in the style of little Italy. I liked it so much back there, just because I liked everything that reminds me of KHR.

The added doodle was my trial of using tablet.

Tsu: I think they missed number 1
Hibari: They put the number in wrong orders!

Until next time!

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16 October 2011 @ 06:26 pm

How long was it again? Eek, well stuffs happened. As I mentioned in last entry that I had applied for a course in Melbourne and was going. Well, duh! As some of you might’ve already known, I went on health check up and found that I’ve got a huge cyst in my stomach! Was wondering though why I was so fat in the belly, but then I never give much thought about it, given that I eat so much. The doctor asked me ‘are you pregnant?’ Hell no! I even told her off a little, which left me with real guilt after I found out that it was the truth =[]=” and sheesh, going through those thorough check up was horrible.  So…well, I went on an operation, been rehabilitating and all. And here I am, still in the same old place that I’m so fed up, urgh! Oh well, at least I’m living. Oh, and it’s been passed 3 months since then, so I’m all good now! No worries.
Anyhow, after all that happened and a lot else besides that, I’m no more in love with KHR that much. Still like 1827 and all, yes, but without passion. IDK, maybe it’s just me getting bored from liking it for 2 years. Looking back, I’ve never hold passion for anything longer than 2 years. It’s like…history now ^^” but hey, still, thanks for those of you who still messaged me and all reminding me about this. I’ll still try to translate and post the doujinshi up here again.
So I’m in a weird mood in picking doujin to translate. How ‘bout some D27 instead of 1827?

Read from Left to Right / eng sub under images.

1/ Tsu: It’s nice to have sometime alone. Back at Vongola Mansion is just…troublesome (thinks of Hibari) and tiring. Sfx: Bam! Tsu: ah!? I hope no one followed me!

2/ Tsu: Oh, if it’s not the person who I thought it was, he wouldn’t be in that position [well, there’s only one character in KHR who’d fall like that] Dino-san!
Din: Hey, Tsuna….Leaving a message like that and not picking up the calls…even you reply to the messages, they’re still worry, you know. (Tsuna’s paper written: Out for one day, no one follows.)
Tsu: Don’t talk about it. I’m fine. I only want to be alone.
Dino: Then why did you answer my call? And even tell me where you are.

3/ Tsu: Well, I didn’t know you went to Vongola Mansion and saw that message. I didn’t expect you to come here too. Most importantly, you are not in the lump of people that that message of mine is meant for. I hope no one follow you here?
Dino: No, I’m alone. But you-know-who did almost squeeze your where about of off me. Lucky me I’ve longer legs and runs faster than him. Are you two fighting again? Probably because of his childishness?
Tsuna: it’s just a stupid quarrel like always.

4/ Tsu; Well, did you come to me for anything?
Dino: Nope, I’m just worried about you, my lovely bro. If you want to be alone, I can leave.
Tsu: I’d like you to stay.
Dino: Hey, you can vent to me if you want, get rid of that burden from your chest.
Tsu: Dino-san has always been kind and warm-hearted consistently.

5/ Tsu: If I’d have you as my brother and living together with me, that’ll be so nice.
Dino: Likewise.
Tsu: At Vongola Mansion, now I feel that I’m living with people who only bring me trouble. (Gokudera’s persistent, Yamamoto who thought we’re just playing around, Lambo’s crying, Mukuro’s trouble making and Hibari-san who I can’t follow). I care about them so much, but still I have my limit.

6/ Dino: If it’s weighting you down that much, you can cry if  you want. (I know…because I’m in the same position as you)

7/ Tsu: Ah, so sorry Dino-san. I wet your coat.
Dino: Don’t worry about it. Do you feel better now?
Tsu: Yes.
Dino: You’re not going back home tonight, aren’t you? We can stay in some hotel for the night.
Tsu: Okay.
Dino: Let me tell you one thing…Whenever Kyoya calls me, it’s either business or things about you.

8/ Dino: Just now he called me too, and it’s not about business.
Tsu: Dino-san, you’ve fell 10 times before we reach this place.
Dino: This is little! I think I’m not that clumsy when you’re closed.

Brotherly closed. Hi: Why are you here, bucking horse? Dino:Oh? To visit Tsuna. Hi: Go back(let go of Tsunayoshi). Dino(hugs Tsuna) How can you said that? He’s my lovely bro. (hugs Hibari) but then you’re my lovely student too. (got beats up) Ooooo, Kyoya, you’ve got stronger again, I’m so proud as a teacher. Tsu: dino-san!?

So how was it?

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It’s been a while. I’m here again to declare that I’m not death! Geez ^^, someone think I had XD”. Yes, I may be death at times, but not literally, not yet at least. I’m not too busy at the time, but neither am I unoccupied.


Still 80% of my life, as of recently, has been spending on doujinshi-ing. Longest one is at 102 pages, and another two long doujins, derive from my fanfiction. Long doujinshi had never been my intention, but it already happened and I can’t back up. I’ll try to translate and get it here in LJ too.


What about life? Since December last year, I felt bad about something in life which continues up until now. One bad move, one wrong decision, one wrong guess that I’ve made and everything turns bad. I’ve been trying to accept it and feel okay with it, although it’s really hard.


Does anyone watch the series Lost and movie 127 hours? It kind of teaches me stuffs about life, things that must happen before you get to where you are. I’m trying to accept that. I know everyone is bound to face something bad in life. Shit happens and all. But sometimes I don’t really know whether to accept it as the part of life or deal with it in some means. 


Guess I’ll just have to see how my life will play out.


Come this year, a little fight among my HS friends which I wasn’t directly involved but led to miscommunication in all of us. And nope, I’m tired of talking it out, things just need to be left alone so someone can cool down. I have faith in my HS friends the most among all kinds of friends so I’m not too worry. I just think it sucks ==” that we would have to spend some amount of time apart. After hanging out a lot for sometimes and suddenly coming to an(other) end. But no surprise, it’s not the first time -*- though.


Aside from that, I don’t know which is less pleasant…I’ve lots of things coming down on me before which could drive me nuts. Now, I have only a few things to worry about, but they all concern things that are biggy to me. It’s not going to drive me nuts, but I feel the tension and fear instead.


Being away for a little while would be so nice. I’ve already applied for a course in Melbourne. If I get to go, then okay. The only thing that I feel kind of sad is not being able to sell doujin in events anymore. No more seeing fangirls picking up my doujin. And no more meeting up with Yaoi fangils TT^TT well, if I get to leave, that is.


There, I just rant again, Anyhow, if you’re reading, thanks.





Alrighty! Doujin time!


I’d like to thank to Maihuong for the message “You haven’t even appeared on Hibari-san’s BD” That’s very inspiring ^^” also a few others that remind me I have a place here too. Which reminds me, I have Hibari’s BD doujinshi, but thai readers said it’s too saddd! I’ll translate the doujin here anyway, now that I think about it, it’s likely that LJ people might be more open to that doujin.  But with KeatonGrin talking about Lollipop heads ^^(hey, i think i'll make that dub official) i think I better go for this one first.




5YL @Japan (have to be Japan only because there’re Tsuna and Hibari’s base). This doujin was written in Gokudera’s BD last year, implying 8059 (don’t you think they’re kind of official couple? =w=”)


Read from upper left panel, downward, then right column.


1/ Tsu: I’m sorry!


I’ve only broken his pot tea (that one was given by me even)

Why must he try to kill me for it!?


[from Tsuna’s POV] so scary!!!


Right column:


Gok: 10th is being chased by Hibari! Hibari, you bastard!


But…10th insists that I must never involve in his relationship with Hibari.


Saying I’d only make things more difficult.


Tsu: Gokudera-kun! Please help me, stop Hibari-san! [too scared to death]




2/ Gok: Stop Hibari? 10th wants me to stop Hibari!? Leave it to me, 10th! I’ll never let you pass, Hibari!!!

Tsu: He’s always reliable.



3/ Gok: Be gone!!!

Sfx: bam, ka-boom! Etc, etc.

Tsu: Gokudera-kun!?

Hi: What a waste of energy.

Sfx: (Gok holds Hibari’s feet *don’t know what the sfx is ^^”*)



4/ Gok: I won’t allow you to touch him! Arggg!

Tsu: Stop!


Yama: What?

Hi: He’s still not letting go…grrr

Tsu: Yamamoto!?


Yama: (from Happy mode to Dark mode)



5/ Yama: Even if you’re in the family, but if you play too rough (?) with Gokudera…


Tsu: Stop!!!



6/ Tsu: Yamamoto, please don’t fight [pries Gokudera’s hand off of Hibari’s feet]. Hibari-san! I give in! Please hurt no one no more!

Yama: What is this all about?

Gok: 10th

Yama: Tsuna! But I can’t leave injured Gokudera either.

Tsu: Don’t worry about me! Please take care of Gokudera-kun!




7/ Tsu: to the gallow…I’m so death! (but at least Gokudera-kun will survive)

Hi: Ready to accept punishment?

Tsu: You’d do it even if I’m not ready

Hi: “Judgement”



8/ sfx: Pok

Tsu: Eh? Is that all?

Hi: End of punishment

Tsu: are you cool now?

Hi: No. But…you go as far as calling that guy for help, and even more so when he…

Gok: (I won’t let you touch him) [blood and all]



9/ Tsu: He’s making that kind of face, as if he’s considering his own action.


Gok: 10th!!!!!!!!!

Yama: Let’s treat your wound first!

There, I guess I've been writing a few of other couples aside from 1827, there're D27, 5927, 27R. But all of them concerns 1827 as main couple still. I'll get them translate next time, m'kay? 
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29 January 2011 @ 03:36 pm

Another 182769 doujin. >< Actually I got another 1827L done before this but since KeatonGrin ask for 182769 I decided to translate this first.

Recently, I’m more into drama doujins (this crack in this doujin was done sometimes ago). Here it goes 2 parts in a row:

Timeline: 5YL

Setting: Italy, Vongola Mansion

*This doujin is read from left to right (Thai style, I’m only accustomed to this ^^)

*English sub under images.

Enjoy! Please do share your opinions before you leave, if any :D


1/ [He was long gone…having needed time to heal…with what had happened to him…but…]

Mu: (Kuu Fuu Fuuu) Don’t every think for a second there that I’d stop here.


2/ Mu: I can’t face (to tease) Hibari-kun, I can still go to Tsunayoshi-kun instead!

(Tsunayoshi-kun’s office window) …Oya?

Sfx: Bam

Tsu: What was that noise?

3/ Mu: (I bumped into something?)…Oya? Hibari-kun?

[Sharing memory scene…]

Hi: You again? What are you doing near Tsunayoshi’s office?

Mu: You too! Why do you have to enter his office through window and not door!? [fight to the bitter end]

4/ Hi: I won’t let you near him, I’ll bite you to death.

Mu: Is that so (I didn’t even want to face him now but I can’t lose face)

[up in the office] sfx: Bam! Craash! Ka-boom!...knock knock

Gok: Tenth, the docs…

Tsu: Gokudera-kun, what a right time…lend me 6 dynamites.

Tsu: (laugh)

Gok: off the window?


5/ sfx: Ka-boom!!!!

Gok: 10th!?

Tsu: Finally it’s quiet down….

Tsu: Gok-kun, deduct the castle’s repairing from those two paychecks. Whenever they fight, the castle is more damage than they are.

Gok: They got what they deserved but 10th was changed!

6/ Tsu: Ku hah hah! (imitating) I got you, Mukuro the trouble maker! Today’s the day of punishment! (I’ve been waiting)

7/ Mu: Ku fu fu, what are you playing, Tsunayoshi-kun?

Tsu: Mukuro!? What the! Illusion!?

Mu: Yes, sir.

Tsu: You, always cause trouble. Hibari-san too, but the majority of trouble is from you 69%!!!


8/ Tsu: Cause any trouble again and I’ll send you back to Vindice Prision!!!

 Mu: Tsu…Tsunayoshi-kun…is going to send me back to the prison?

Tsu: He cried!? Mukuro! Well I…[getting soft again]

Mu: Please don’t send me back…

Tsu: Not that I’m really going to do that…

Mu: That place…was cold and dark…I was so lonely…please hold me…

Tsu: Of course, don’t cry anymore!


9/ Hi: Tsunayoshi…what the heck are you doing?

Tsu: Hi…bari-san?

Mu: Ku fu fu


10/ (push) Mu: This is the exact time I calculated Hibari’s walking from there to here.

[In Mukuro’s hand: onion]

Tsu: It was your plan!?

Mu: Go sort it out yourself.

Hi: I’ll bite you to death.

Tsu: Wait! It’s not as you’ve seen it!

Hi: I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Tsu: You got it all wrong, it was his plan…Gah!!!

Mu: it’s a lot more fun here, why would I want to go back to the prison?

Read more...Collapse )

As of now: I feel kinda slow. I’ve been lazy since I’m off my job after new year. This is so not cool ==” everything I planned hadn’t gone the way it was supposed to be so far. I haven’t got any real preparation studies because of the school’s delay. Not their fault, not that they can help it. I can really start doing things by my own now if I’m not too lazy.

But does anyone ever feel that life is pointless? I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but since new year, I’ve been feeling like this for too long. It’s usually normal before that time of the month, but only this time it’s not. Drawing doujins used to mean more than anything to me, now I have doubts. Sometimes I wonder why do I draw, why do I write, why do I bother at all? I used to being confident that my doujin has real plots rather than just drawing around, now I don’t think it’s good enough.

I ask myself and got a few answers. There are those stupid unfortunate events that depressed me. Sometimes I really want to leave from here right now. I’m sure almost everyone must have known, if not much then less, that sometimes the world is unfair. I’ve gone through many silly unfair things that I can live with and knew that I cant’ help it, it’s just the way of the world. Until recently that I just learned and wanted to shout the hell out “This world is so fucking unfair!!!”

Trouble with family and friends at the same time. Sometimes I just don’t know where to turn to when I’m feeling like I’ve got nothing to live for. What’s the point of living when we’re all going to die anyway? Those lines you heard from stupid drama queen villains in drama. I can’t believe that now I’m beginning to understand them. So weak.

Do I sound serious? At the moment I’m writing this, I’m not that depressed. I just feel useless and pointless for the past weeks. 2 days earlier was the worst, I really feel like I have had enough and feel like I was ready to die. Day after that, arrived my monthly period. ==” what the heck!? So it’s just pms and the damn mood swing!? Honestly -*-, somehow, I was a little relieved that it was just my stupid girl’s thing. I feel a little better now.

There was one article that said “Normal people don’t commit suicide, not when they’re in the right mind. Suicidal thoughts only come when people have a symptom.” Really? I though people commit suicide because they wanted out, not just because they’re sad and depressed.

I make believe this would just be temporary. Probably it’s just the damn symptom that made me feel pointless in life. Good thing is that I still push myself to draw, bad thing is things just don’t come off naturally as it used to. Anyhow, the only thing I’m sure of is if I’m not drawing or writing or doing something useful at least, I’d better be off death. And since I’m afraid of karma, dying before parents, I better live on.

Oh yeah, I’m sorry if any readers are affected by this kind of writing. I think here is the only place I can vent this out because no one here sees my face ^^” Gee, maybe I’m just lacking inspiration, although KHR recent chapters really made me bounce. I just need more inspiration. I guess the thing I miss a lot now is Keaton Grin’s aCos. I can’t find many other 1827 good fanfic lately.

Don’t worry, yeah?(if there is one, hah hah!) I’m not going to die anytime soon. I’ll be back with another doujin hopefully.

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02 January 2011 @ 10:42 am

Happy New Year, everyone!


How is everyone celebrating? Doing anything special? Trip to anywhere?


Me? At home like usual -*-, I’ll be going somewhere only somewhere after New Year once the crowd left :P


I’ve been hearing news about how cold it is in US and Europe, eh? Anyone living there? I hope you’re all doing okay ><”


Probably some Doujin would help? Eh heh, anyhow, this time no 1827. Well, not until the Omake page. At first I thought I’d skip translating this, but I just remembered that yes, there are readers who, aside from the love for 1827, also is keen on the friendship of 805927, right? So here they are ^^


Timeline: TYL

Setting: Japan, after Tsuna and Gokudera first visit to the future.

*This doujin is read from left to right (Thai style, I’m accustomed with this ^^)

*English sub under images.

Enjoy! Please do share your opinions before you leave, if any :D


1/ Tsu: Yamamoto



2/ Yam: Tsuna, what’s up?

Tsu: I came to say sorry…for Gokudera-kun that punched you. How should I say this…well…about my d…death in this ear, I think you’re troubled too…or is it not? So…

Yam: It was like the sky has fallen…when you died. (Even you were always the only one who said you wouldn’t lose anyone, but you yourself…) I’m sorry, didn’t mean to make you feel bad.



3/ Yam: Don’t worry about this…this is just a scratch, comparing to Gokudera’s punch in this era.

Tsu: (Was Gokudera-kun in this era…?)


Gok: No!!! Tenth is not dead!!! You lied!!!

Yam: I want it to be the lie too.



4/ Yam: (He won’t accept it no matter what. I can only watch and feel like I’m losing both of my best friends.)



5/ Yam: (I understand his pain, that’s why…this wound is just a scratch.

Tsu: Yamamoto…)

Yam: But…you came back with hope, you shouldn’t be apologizing. Now we better use this hope for the better future.

Tsu: Right (that’s Yamamoto)

Yam: Don’t worry about me. Tomorrow early morning we’ve got to find Hi-bird. You should go rest up.

Tsu: Okay. One more thing, Yamamoto. I’m afraid this would add more to your burden, but I can only count on your about this…



6/ Tsu: Please look after Gokudera-kun. We never know what tomorrow will bring. But I’ll be fine, still I’m worry about Gokudera-kun with his guilt ridden. And I’m sure you’re the only one who can take care of him.


TYL Tsu: (No matter what happen to me, don’t let Gokudera-kun do anything stupid to himself…I’m counting on you, Yamamoto)



7/ Yam: (This time, I won’t lose both of you)



8/ Yam: Tsuna, if you knew about your relationship with Hibari in this era, you’d be so shock…but that must be a secret, isn’t it?

Note: I forgot to note it down that this doujin is related to ‘behind the mask’ where TYL Hibari can’t tell TYE Tsuna about their relationship so Tsuna can focus on beating Millefiore alone, and the others help him keep that secret too.  



Lately, I’ve been watching Shiki, love the soundtrack. Does anyone know where can I download the OST? I’m so into horror stuff right now ><, if anyone knows, please recommend me with some movies or anime. Manga? I’m horrified of horror stuff in manga, so no!


Until next time!

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Thanks everyone for still being here, and as promised! I’ll share 182700 Doujin with you guys ^^ and yes of course, ‘you guys’ I mean ‘old faces,’ my friend! I’m using the well-known tactic in Thailand when we want to block out ‘Ghost’ (you know =w= people who only come to download, to read and no interactions at all with the writer)


And who’s the old faces that I’m talking about? You know yourself…if you ever talked to me or leave comments at least a few times. For those of you who I’ve shared the first chapter of ‘my world (100/1827) before, yes, you are friends whose names I remembered; you’re very welcomed for the next chapter of ‘my world.’


Aside from the readers that I’ve shared ‘my world 1’ with? Well, I’ve to admit that I’ve bad memory, but I do quite remember a few names. For new faces, you can still read my doujin in next entry, kay?


By the way, I still receive friend requests from people who I’ve never talked to before (or them talked to me), please don’t just add me as friend IF you’re just going to need the update of my doujins. Writers feel bad about that TAT. 




All right, before sharing around, please note that this doujin contains issue about ‘School’s shooting/massacre.’ Although I’m sure my doujin isn’t that bloody, I just want to make sure that US readers will have no problem with it since in US, this subject is a lot more sensitive than in asia. 


If you’re okay with that then, drop me as message, and I’ll send you the password. Please do not share online or reupload anywhere.


Title: Mad World (2nd part of 'My World' although both can be read seperately)
Pairing: 182700
Rating: PG15
Thai format with English sub as always *w* 



And of course, all I ask in return is feedback. Aside from feedback about the doujin, I’d like to see how readers think in general about school shooting too if you don’t mind. A…and note that in writing about school shooting, I’ve no intention of agreeing with the incident in anyways.




All righty, some diary referring to the previous entry. About what? About work or study.


Well…two more weeks and I’m off the full time job! As I’ve mentioned in last entry, I changed my mind completely after working for only a month. It’s funny, aint’ it?


Last year I was so eager about going study abroad, the only support I can get won’t let me. Come this year, I am free to go but I suddenly have the first chance in life to sell my doujins and get together with yaoi fan girls like a community. It is one of the best things in my life and I stopped thinking about leaving here.


I know most people would find this…foolish? For me it’s not. I’m no good in many things, drawing is one of a very few things I could do, probably the best thing I could do now. Makes my life meaningful. My family and friends (aside from Y community) just don’t see why I should give it all that much.


Trash, waste of time, useless…that’s what they’ve been saying. I can’t imagine what I would do or say back to people who said that to me if they weren’t people who I knew they care about my future. But honestly, you just don’t say in someone’s face that a significant something for someone is a trash. Even if they occasionally said how good I am (don’t mind me saying this, you know those without drawing mind always said this -*-) just because we’re related.


That’s why I often give thanks to you guys, people on my blog and KHR board that always support me far greater than anyone I’m seeing everyday or even closed friends. I really wouldn’t have come this far without everyone I know online. I repeat ^^ every single support I know is online!


I’ve got a few yaoi fan girl friends from school who still keep in contact, but nope, not a single interest from them. Read my doujins but no comments, which is kinda weird T-T. Imagine this: “I read your doujin…” and that’s the end of it. Man, I don’t know what to say. I don’t even know what’s the point of that saying. Not even a word of ‘I like it’ ‘I hate it’ ‘so so…’ If anyone knew what the point is, please clarify. I wonder if they have reasons behind that? hah hah.


That’s why I’m attached to Y community. Childish, I know. But it was the thing I had dreamed of, had lost hope, and suddenly had a chance to get it even with this awfully lateness in age. When I was in high school, I have one idol (still is my idol now, but not as much as before with her change of perspective), I looked up to her and hoped one day I’d be like her. Today, I feel I’m at that point even if I’m not as great as her.


I do know now that in this community, some people look up to me. Makes me feel that I’m not so useless and pointless as my family sees me. I just feel fulfilled and not lonely as I used to feel at times before I joined this community. That’s why I’m willing to do anything to stay in Thailand so I can stay with this. I got myself a job just to get my family off my back about my drawing and going abroad.


Turns out that they never got off my back about my drawing and further study TAT man, what a pain. But that’s not the point that changed my mind! I changed my mind because of the job. My working place is great, yes, close to home, great colleagues, but the job is just not my thing! I’m not a service or people person. It’s funny how I’ve tried to be open so many times and failed miserably. I don’t talk much at times and get tired physically when someone is talking too much (reading message is never problem though *w* it’s different!). And working as Sales Coordinator for a residence!? 2 months is enough to send my ass to HR office and sign myself off (deciding earlier than that even.)


Plus, I’ve friends who are working in fields other than drawing. Like me, they were lost before. We talked about this, talked about people whose skills were just like us when we were younger, but now those people turned all genius and getting a real job by drawing because they’d been sticking to their dreams no matter what. Unlike us (me and some of my friends) that turned to look for something else for years and years while we could have use all those time to do what we could do best and make it better.


Mine is 8 years, which is a huge number of lost. It really is the saddest thing in my life. The worst wrong turn I’ve took when choosing fields in Uni. Made it even worse when there were actually signs telling me I should changed my field to drawing. I even looked into it, but decided at last on not changing. My greatest regret until this day.


Then working service because anyone could do just with an okay English made me think that if I have to work this kind of job for the rest of my life, I’d be so damn! True, earlier I didn’t think of this. With news on TV reporting about the end of the world had gotten to me. Even the movie 2012. Made me just want do to things my way, you never knew when will it be your last day….but yeahhhhh…now I know I’ll never know if I’ve to live longer than 2012 without the decent job that I could say “I’m tired but I like my job” or at least not hating it.


So I’ve decided, this time I’m going to do my best in art field. If not drawing then writing, the only thing I’m sure I could do best. Honestly I’m not even sure I’ll be able to do it, I might even have to get back to customer service job in case I can’t achieve my goal. And yes yes, there IS people who told me not to do it with my uncertainty. But I’ll go for it anyways, at least when I get older I won’t look back and regret about not having try.


I’ve been afraid and unsure and sway with people’s words for years! Now I don’t anymore. Hmm, that’s somewhat a pep talk. Let’s see how things will turn out, yeah?

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27 November 2010 @ 07:12 pm

Long time no see ^^ everyone….someone? ^^” is anyone still there? ^^””


Anyhow, just came to drop by and say that I’m not dead. Well, at least not literally :P. I’ve been busy working a full time job for a while. But now my job is a little slow, so I’ve got more time! (Really?) Thanks to KeatonGrin and Katierox342 for dropping me a line that i have a place here in LJ^^

[Some KHR event report]

All right, so I went to Reborn Only Event #4 last October. It was great just as the last time. I think we have more attendants this time. I really do hope the event staff sees this and reconsider about expressing of making this the last Reborn event.


I’ve got two of my doujins on the table. One is “Taking Lives” which didn’t sell much first time in August’s Comicon Road Event but did okay in Capsule this month, and pretty good in Reborn’s event. 




And 96 pages doujin “From Drama to Crack #2”


This include all the doujins I’ve done so far which is online, except one that is only published in this book, which is 11 pages doujin of 182700(yes! Enma. It’s funny how everyone either likes him or hates him.)


 (cap: the people that made us becoming this...)

“If we’ve met in a different world, in another circumstance…”


[some diary]

Before the event I was a bit anxious because I’ve spent a little more expense on publishing doujins (on my own again) and the price is higher. I’ve got (kind of) bad experience in Comicon Road + less response when later I’ve written fanfiction + stress from job + negative words from my parents and cousins and some friends that aren’t in animanga area. Those made me decide that if this time things go bad, if my stuffs didn’t sell, then I’d be able to leave it here and go study abroad as my mum wants so badly.


And honestly, I was really having a feeling that it wouldn’t be good so it surprised me that people still buy it. Some asked for Sketch Book and some got us sat down and talked. Made me feel so energized and somewhat attached to this community, which is hard for me to decide whether I should stick to here as it made me happy and feel that this is where I belong, or go for further study which might guarantee some future?


I know everyone would say go and study for a (probably) brighter future, but! You wouldn’t know if going abroad would surely guarantee that. I do know lots of people who went abroad and didn’t make much out of it, plus, seeing many made succession in life even without further study. As for me, I like the feeling of people picking up my books, and talk to me how they like it, how it even inspired them. I’ve never been an inspiration for anyone before, I once gave up hope that I’d have this day. Going abroad would separate me from that. Most important is, I’m seeing this as my opportunity. As I still feel the fire to draw and Reborn fans are still around to read. If without these two, I’d be able to leave.


Guess what =w=? the above content is my last thought on October. I’ve written and meant to upload an entry since October but didn’t have enough time to, now as in November, my thought changed! Changed about what? Of course, about study. I’d like to talk about this, but then the entry would be too long, I’ll try to upload next time hopefully with the doujin along!


Now that I mentioned it, let’s go to some doujn, eh? It’s 1827L this time. For KeatonGrin XD



1/ Hi: Tsunayoshi, where’re you going?

Tsu: Ah, Hibari-san, hello.

Hi: You…




2/ Hi: …look so tired, haven’t you slept at all?

Tsu: It’s nothing.

Hi: In this state, where do you think you’re going?

Tsu: I’ve got things to do (little things).

Hi: Haven’t you finished your job for this month?

Tsu: Well…there’s something….

Hi: Then…I’ll do it, you should go rest.

Tsu: Wha? You don’t have to-

Hi: Why not?

Tsu: It’s not something you can do.

Hi: You can do it and I can’t!?




3/ Tsu: It’s just little thing, but I’ve got to do it by myself.

Hi: Just tell me, you won’t owe this time.

Tsu: Okay, well…I promised to go play with Lambo after my job is done.




4/ Hi: Play with Lambo…

Tsu: I told you that you can’t do so! Hah hah! That’s why.

Hi: Shut up, you knew I’m a man of my word. But first, I’ve got to see you in your room, resting.

Tsu: But-!

Hi: no buts!

Tsu: Gah!!!




5/ Tsu: Hibari-san!

Hi: You should give yourself time to rest.

Tsu: But-!

Hi: Won’t you shut up now? Or would you prefer me making you so tired that you have to fall asleep?

Tsu: (Making me so tired…) No way! I’m already tired enough!!!

Hi: Admitting at last? I’ll let Hi-bird watch you. Hi-bird, if he leave this room, you are allow to use force to stop him.

Hi-bird: (nod, nod)

Tsu: ==” Wait!

Hi: I’ll be back to check up on you. Don’t worry, I’ll get Tetsu along.




6/ Tsu: What I worry more is Lambo! Hibari-san! …Hi-bird, I’m worry about Lambo’s life…that’why-Gah!!!

Hi-bird: Tsunayoshi must rest, rest! Hibari is worried! Worried!




7/ Tsu: Right…I made him worried again, my bad…(Lambo is ten yrs old now, growing up enough. Hibari-san also is enduring people more. Kusakabe-san also went with him)…hmm…Well, okay! I’ll rest up a bit as Hibari-san said.

Hi-bird: Rest, rest!

Tsu: (Got to trust him a little) You don’t have to guard the door, come sleep with me.

Hi-bird: Sleep! Sleep!




8/ Tsu: I’ve been sleeping for 2hrs. (I’d better go check out Lambo) Stay here, Hi-bird.

Lambo: Tsuna-nii

Tsu: Lambo!?




9/ Tsu: I’m so relieved you’re alive! Why are you shaking?

Lambo: Ghahhha, Tsuna-niiiiiiii!!!!! From now on, Lambo won’t be naughty, won’t cause trouble for you anymore. That’s why, that’s why….please don’t send the iron mask to me again!

Tsu: Iron mask? Hibari-san?

Hi: Lambo Bovino.




10/ Hi: I just warned you, and you still showed up?

Kusa: Kyo-san!

Lambo: Ghaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

Tsu: Don’t be mean to Lambo!!!

Hi: Time for kids to go to bed. Tetsu, handle it for me.

Tetsu: Yes…don’t worry, Sawada-san, I’ll escort him to his room.

Tsu: If it is Kusakabe-san, then all is good. Wow, Lambo is attached to him

Hi: Have you rested?

Tsu: Yes.

Hi: Hi-bird, told you to watch Tsuna and he’s been sleeping?

Tsu: Don’t scold him, I was the one telling him to sleep.




11/ Tsu: You even looked more tired than me.

Hi: You really are patient…with that kid. 2 hours alone is so more than enough of my toleration with him. but you’ve been with him for years…(he always causes trouble, just an annoying little brat…but you still coddle him at all times)




12/ Hi: I don’t know how you can endure it, but because of your high toleration…you’re able to put up with me too, isn’t it?

Tsu: Right! [straight forward] But I’m willing to, because all of you are most precious to me.  




13/ Hi: Anyways…do you want to sleep more (so I’ll sleep with you)

Tsu: Okay, sleeping in your suit will be uncomfortable.

Hi: (I myself…will tolerate things for you only)




14/ Tsu: I hope you didn’t bully Lambo, did you!?

Hi: [Feeling more like a victim himself]




Most people don’t like the little Lambo, no offence! Honestly, he’s annoying but I like him in adult form and wondered why is he so distance from Tsuna when younger him is so closed to Tsuna. That’s where this doujin comes along, this Lambo is growing up under Tsuna’s care and is attached to him, calling Tsuna ‘nii-san’ with respect. Because in the future, everyone would end up treating Tsuna with respect, right? (Even Hibari)


Well then…gotta end here….see you next time?



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